The Magical Powers of Coconut Oil

The Magical Powers of Coconut Oil

Coconuts give us super hydrating and vitamin-rich water from inside their tough brown shells. Although, the healing properties of coconut don’t stop there. Coconut oil has amazing powers as well! This viscous oil can help boost your metabolism, improve brain function, and work as a healthy substitute for unhealthy fats. Here are a few more magical powers coconut oil possesses.

Soothes Skin

Chances are you are no stranger to seeing coconut oil listed as an ingredient in skincare products. It’s no surprise as coconut oil moisturizes skin, reduces wrinkles, and even relieves eczema. Dab a bit of oil onto any trouble areas and leave it on overnight. Your skin will be feeling better by morning.

Accelerates Wound Healing

Coconut oil also helps improve damaged skin. You can use it to heal chapped lips and soothe cracked heels. Use it as a salve to treat open wounds, burns, or rashes. For extra healing power, mix coconut oil with essential oils like lavender, melaleuca or frankincense. These oils work together to quicken the healing process.

Protects Hair

This super moisturizing oil can help repair and soften hair. Coconut oil reduces hair protein loss and keeps your hair healthy. Not to mention, it can help combat dandruff when placed on the scalp. It even works to eliminate frizz and de-tangle hair. Coconut oil might just become your new hair-care staple.

Promotes Dental Health

Coconut oil’s powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties make it perfect for caring for your teeth. Studies have shown that ‘oil pulling’ with coconut oil is as effective as rinsing with mouthwash. For that clean mouth taste, add baking soda and a few drops of peppermint oil to the mix. Your teeth will thank you!

Protects from Sun Damage

SPF occurs naturally in coconut oil. In fact, some studies assigned it an SPF of 4-7. While that’s quite low, it is enough to help prevent sun damage and heal sunburned skin. Bear in mind that you do need to reapply regularly. If you plan to be in full sun at the hottest times of day, conventional sunscreen might be best.

Fights Candida

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably had a yeast infection before. The treatments that you purchase at a pharmacy can be hard on your vaginal ecosystem. Coconut oil is a great natural alternative. Its anti-fungal properties work just as hard to kill candida as other commonly prescribed creams.

Helps with Household Chores

Fans of clever life hacks may already know that coconut oil helps save time and effort in the home. You can use it to remove stains and wash clothes naturally. Coconut oil can even shine your furniture and polish your shoes. In a pinch, this oil also helps unstuck chewing gum and unzip stuck zippers.

The Takeaway

Coconut oil works like a magic wand to solve a variety of problems. From skincare to healthcare, this oil has got you covered. Try some of these uses for coconut oil today and see for yourself!

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