It all started when…

Naphtaly Maria Zimmerman from the beautiful island of Curaçao (Pais Kòrsou) which is in the Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean Sea and the Dutch region north of the Venezuelan coast. Where seashells, white sand and blue clear beaches surround her.

From the age of 6 years old she had a great interest in herbal medicine, aromatherapy and more. with a passion for health and well-being Naphtaly came to London and obtained a degree in Bsc Hons Psychology, Her passion is to help others feel better about their body, mind and soul.Her goal is to help others to clear their mind, reset priorities, promoting self love to gain motivation to sustain optimal health. 

Eventually, NaphtalyWorld was created in December 2016! In which provide skincare products and home fragrances that releases essential oils to make your house smell like a spa. Naphtaly’s products will help you rejuvenate so that you not only nourish yourself, but to feel empowered and relax.

Naphtaly’s mission is to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle to visibly improve your mind, health and physical well-being.

Thank you for visiting!

Naphtaly M Zimmerman

Founder/Owner of NaphtalyWorld