Health / Wellness Coaching - 3 Sessions

Health / Wellness Coaching - 3 Sessions


Health & Wellness Coaching Sessions - using positive & mindfulness psychology .


.During the first coaching session, the client identifies priorities; develops a personal wellness plan that includes a long‐range vision as well as shorter term goals, also Health & Lifestyle Assessment .

2 x 15 mins phone call

I offer telephone, text and email support throughout our journey together, and most importantly create a specific plan going forward so that you have all the tools, wisdom and self awareness you need to continue this positive change and awareness after our sessions together end.

Do you need support & guidance

Together we will discover the tools you need to improve your health & happiness.

Better & Restful sleep

Set & accomplish your goals

Learn the art of practicing self-care

Mental & emotional health

Nutrition counselling

Private meditation & mindfulness

Build up your confidence, and get you excited about life.

We will transform your negative thinking into positive and uplifting thoughts and emotion.

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